Chris Dalvean's pet stuffed pigeon, Errol

Well, as you can see from the tally there are oodles of artworks on this website. It's becoming a growing sorting house for my sculpture, video productions, and exhibition pieces. A lot was was created during my extensive art school study and thus has only been seen by teachers, fellow students, my immediate family, friends, and my stuffed pet pigeon Errol.


One of the reasons for creating this website was to show an artist in progress, as I like to see how over the years I’ve evolved, devolved, occasionally succeeded, crapped-out and all parts in between.


So may I invite you to start by popping your cursor up to "From the Vault" to select something from the extensive chronologically ordered drop-down menu and have a good ol' rummage around. Or if you're in a hurry try the "Selected highlights". No matter what you decide just do me a favour and have an excellent day!


Chris xxoo

artwork tally of Chris Dalvean