Skeletal cube fashion parade:

YEAR: 2012.

MEDIA: Digital.

DURATION: 5 mins. 45 secs.


Two questions up for discussion in this intersected fashion parade: How does an object engage with space? And does the personality of an object change when different environmental arrangements are introduced?


In this case the object, a skeletal cube, is a manufactured piece which has lost all association with its tree heritage. It was chosen because it’s a simple, beautiful and elegant structure, with sharp lines and repetitive 90 degree angles. Its outward lines inform the space inside which plays nicely given various environmental changes of optical and light processes.


Background music is from the fashion show scene in the Hitchcock film North by Northwest. You’re probably thinking I chose this music because, much like the intersecting angles of the skeletal cube, the scene in question, and indeed the film itself broadly associates with Hitchcockian tropes within specific cinematic meta-didactic pop-culture tenets while straddling broad notions of constructionist modernism........Naaaaah!!!


Music sourced from: Fashion Show (Bonus Track) · M-G-M Studio Musicians North By Northwest: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ℗ 1959 Turner Entertainment Inc. Released on: 2014-06-24 Writer: André Previn.

Click on shadow in image to see what all the fuss is about.