Electro–Wow Contemplative Bedside Draws.

Electro–wow contemplative bedside draws:

YEAR: 2017.

MATERIALS: Timber, acrylic, paint, bike parts, motors, electronics, architecture figures.
700mm x (W)500mm x (D)400mm.




This piece was entered into the 2017 Fringe Furniture Exhibition held at the Abbotsford Convent

This year’s theme invited participants to venture “Out of the Echo Chamber” which among other things means an “enclosed space for producing reverberation of sound”. It can also be a metaphorical idea where “information, ideas, or beliefs are amplified by communication and repetition inside a defined system.” Sooooooo, any questions?


"Furniture, like architecture and urban planning, are ultimately designed to answer the needs of civilization, whereas artworks tend towards ambiguity resulting in generating more questions than answers".