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I refer to what I do as more a calling than anything else.

And like most callings - the pay is awful.

Soooooooo, it's come to this. Here we are at the charity page for the Chris Dalvean Benevolent Fund. I should point out that I do this art caper not because I want to change the world or find a higher meaning in life. Put simply, it’s what I do, and if I don’t do it I go a bit unhappy. In addition I have found that leading the life of an artist gives me everything I need  whilst protecting me from the ravages of various ailments including Monkey’s eye, snot buboes by proxy, clavicle-ache, Porridge toe, tea total’s dropsy, Hyphen's ripple, albatross beak, eye pillows, dongle rust, acute cobbler’s crease, cactus stool, dry mania, and hives.

Yet, as of April 2018 this website is the culmination of nearly ten years work and as you trawl through the bowels and up through the pancreas of the last nine and a half years be assured I give it to you free of charge, to look over, experience and perhaps even enjoy. However, I have a Paypal tip jar in the hope that I can fund the ongoing running costs of this website while occasionally having enough to purchase a 4-pack of Aldi cupcakes which presently, despite their small cost, are a bit of a luxury. So don't feel like you have to but if you could throw me a couple of bucks, even one, it's really helpful.

Clicking the "Donate Button" will take you to Pay Pal where you will be given the opportunity to donate any amount you see fit. Thanks in advance.....and have a lovely day!