YEAR: 2009

MEDIA: Digital video.
DURATION: 2 mins. 24 secs.

Way way way back in 2009, before obikes and their ilk became urban detritus de jour,  I was always on the lookout for abandoned bikes and would document their next to last resting place whenever I came across such things because at the time I thought these rusting monuments to redirected-modes-of-passion-gone-by (as it were) encapsulated the cultural history of the time, and thanks to cheap video editing software (and Chet Baker) I had a go at capturing the then present-day visual narrative, and after being lost for many years I recently found it, played it, and thought it was cooool.


Oh, and just in case you doubted my academic credentials, I should point out I’ve not only just written a 100 word single sentence paragraph (with parenthesis) but in the process have included three French words and an ilk. PHD anyone? Anyone?