An exercise in sculpture, story telling,

and twaddle (all in a minute):


"It's like trying to dry your hands with a baloon"

In 2011 I hit a bit of a creative slump, so I thought I’d force myself into doing 1 minute shows just to keep me busy. It's a bit patchy, with varying degrees of quality, inspiration and ponce. There are 6 episodes (6 minutes). I had planned to do 23 of them (a commercial television half hour) but they took a lot of effort to make and my creativity kicked-in again in other areas. If anyone out there would like to fund the production of the other 17 episodes, the scripts are ready to go. Barring that, another 1,999,980 hits and this thing will go VIRAL!. Come on!


#1 a visual discussion in three acts of Robert Mckee's
book "Story".


In three acts, with inciting incident, and twist ending.
(Note: no voice over)

#2 Well Heeled Kinetics.


I like a crossing sign with an elegant shoe and heel. Modern international signage is slowly seeping in everywhere, replacing elegance with generic featureless human forms with stumps for hands and feet. Indeed, times are a changing for the elegant shoe coz today’s signage aren’t got no sole.

'So say goodbye to the elegant shoe...
for stumps are calling loud and true!’

Street signage has one purpose, and it’s directed one way. Like Groundhog Day its message must be ongoing, never change or be in any way ambiguous. All-in-all this clip is an excellent example of how to spruce up a ceiling fan while being cooled by a cyclical narrative. You’re welcome.

NB: “On the lam” is a term that comes and goes in popularity every few generations. In essence, it means, to leave, beat it; hit the trail.

Again, you're welcome.



#3 An adaptation of a Jules Verne classic in 3d.


Travel broadens the mind and I like a good book, but this version of Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a bugger to get on the train.

It’s a classic story told in a three act structure that is a cross between a talking book and theatre of the mind. There are a lot of twists and turns which culminates in an ending you won’t see coming. Spoiler alert: It’s awesome, and all in a minute.

NB: This film requires no special glasses in order to enjoy the full 3D effect.


#4 A painting done by wild ducks

Could you knit a tea cosy out of David Attenborough using a ceiling hook, cordless drill and a screwdriver? Or floss with Giant Turtles? And what kind of rope could be made from the complete first series of Yes Minister? And more importantly, what kind of deconstructionist monochromatic abstract expressionistic video installation could wild ducks paint? It’s not natural of course, but words, pffffff, overrated I say!


#5 Hung up on grandma

A mobile mobile that's mobile. Let’s not overthink this one.
Then again...


#6 change


This bit of interesting features a 54 second live action component which, at 18 frames a second, had a budget of exactly $486.

A random selection of 972 coins were collected over a ridiculously long time until I could no longer afford to have that much cash lying around the kitchen. I was hungry and not a practicing Breatherian, which is always a good motivation for completing a currency-based-prop-piece.

It was shot over four nights using a rostrum-like-rig that was able to capture each of the coins positioned in a laser-cut harness and shot like a typical animation; frame by frame.

Spending nearly 4 decades floating around in pockets, purses and God knows where else would be enough to take the tarnish off, but given the circumstances she’s scrubbed up well…And as you can see, the crown varies yet the nose stays the same! Speaks volumes....Volumes!