Chapter 5:

TITLE: Changes.

YEAR: 2017.

Though greatly exposed to the overly didactic, verbose and comma-festooned theories of university art school academia, Chris would best sum up his art practice by saying, “Chris like make things, Chris good”. In addition, a recent revelation whilst engaging in his practice revealed that inherent in all good artists is an intense and never ending endeavour for their art to transform the world. Yet, in terms of being an agent for change, Chris has realized that his art, despite best efforts, will never be anything more effective than a cough drop on the tongue of a beached whale. But, as the celebrated German philosopher, cultural critic and philologist Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche once said, “Surfs up”.

Chapter 1.  2014; 3rd year graduate show - Catalogue statement.

Chapter 2.  2015: Catalogue statement about spatial awareness - (unpublished).

Chapter 3.  2016: Generic statement.

Chapter 4.  2016: Hot hot hot.

Chapter 6.  2017: 20 words Chris has never used in his exhibition didactic statement.

Chapter 7.  2018: Visits to the fourth dimension.