Chapter 1:

TITLE: 3rd Year graduate show - Catalogue statement.

YEAR: 2014.

Being an artist is about problem solving and that process alone is what drives my practice. Through research and development of motion-driven kinetic sculptures I build machines for expressing narrative structures, but I’m no engineer, just an enthusiastic artist and the results are a compromise between expectation and reality. Indeed, when all the hard work eventually pays off I am delivered, thanks to my brain, a natural and well deserved squirt of dopamine and serotonin which makes the effort worthwhile and the world a better place. It’s totes amazeballs.

Chapter 2.  2015: Catalogue statement about spatial awareness - (unpublished).

Chapter 3.  2016: Generic statement.

Chapter 4.  2016: Hot hot hot.

Chapter 5.  2017; Changes.

Chapter 6.  2017: 20 words Chris has never used in his exhibition didactic statement.

Chapter 7.  2018: Visits to the fourth dimension.