Chapter 3:

TITLE: Generic statement.

YEAR: 2016.

Chris Dalveen is an installation artist and often misspelt object maker whose practice oozes with dimensionality.

Currently residing in various parts of Melbourne, Australia, Cris divides his time between making art and not making art. He owes his rugged good looks to spending the last few decades eating the wrong food and not sleeping enough. Says Dalbean, “my appearance could be described as permanently windswept. Indeed, I do look like I’ve been hit in the face with a broom...several brooms...on more than one occasion.”

Dalveane attributes his work ethic to his time spent as a student. He is well educated in the arts having spent 2 years in Tafe studying for a visual arts Diploma at Swinburn tafe followed by 3 and a half years at RMIT University studying fine art Sculpture Sound and Spatial practice (which included a semester exchange with SAIC in Chicago), so he’s well and truly institutionalised, refuses to do any work unless it is graded and expects to be praised in three hour increments.

Say’s Delveane, “I’m lucky I guess. The art game is a pretty harsh but I’ve been afforded a modicum of talent, physical height, timing and geography. The rest, as they say, is luck, effort, and a working pancreas”.

Apart from making thought provoking installations, Dalveaneeeee enjoys quiet walks on the beach, broom catching, and toast. Although he does not drink and is a card carrying introvert Kriss is always available for parties as long as no one else is invited.

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