Chapter 7:

TITLE: Visits to the fourth dimension.

YEAR: 2018.

Chris Dalvean is an object maker and installation artist whose practice caters to all spatial proportions. Using self-contained boxed environments Dalvean is constantly evolving his art practice to flow from experimentation to materiality progression with a focus on testing the dimensional limitations of spatial zones, i.e., the area which surrounds and includes the sculptured piece.

Until recently Dalvean had been working on new and varied interpretations of multi-dimensional art. This included some time working in the 4th dimension which was unfortunately short lived due to space limitations. He tried putting it in in the kitchen; although it fit through both doors and window simultaneously it couldn’t stay there as it stopped the dishwasher door from opening. As this is a problem counter to the abstract unification of time and space as a four-dimensional continuum Dalvean is currently in talks with the supplier for a full refund. And yes, he read the manual.

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