Chapter 4:

TITLE: Hot hot hot.

YEAR: 2016.

This solar system, the one we’re in now, was born of a large explosion from a once-only catastrophic event. This unimaginable displacement of energy formed the beginning of the universe and all that we know - a force so powerful that lava-filled satellites still hurtle from its epicenter billions of years after its detonation. If you were to harness the oomph from that “big bang”, and multiply it by 2, that would almost come close to the excitement Chris experiences when making art.

Chapter 1.  2014; 3rd year graduate show - Catalogue statement.

Chapter 2.  2015: Catalogue statement about spatial awareness - (unpublished).

Chapter 3.  2016: Generic statement.

Chapter 5.  2017; Changes.

Chapter 6.  2017: 20 words Chris has never used in his exhibition didactic statement.

Chapter 7.  2018: Visits to the fourth dimension.