Chapter 2:

TITLE: Catalogue statement about spatial awareness - (Unpublished).

YEAR: 2015.

As I lay awake on a cold Melbourne morning, I looked up and realized I wasn’t looking at the ceiling. Neither was I looking at the space between me and the ceiling. I gradually understood I was concentrating on a twilight mid-point of everythingness that fell within the spatial zone which transitions up and down simultaneously. In my trance-like state I saw my thoughts projected into the freezing air. My mind was filling in a gap, taking it all in and filtering the information deep within the parts of my brain which govern creativity. It a was strange feeling as I had always focussed on the ceiling to rest my focus because that’s what you do when waking; find the nearest solid mass and let your eyes slowly come to terms with the distance. And stranger still because I had plastered that ceiling years ago in a DIY project gone wrong and always begin the day glaring at the pig’s-dinner of a crap job I did. But not this morning. This morning I had discovered that which divides spatial awareness into the spaces in between.

“So where can I get some of that A-grade choice funky stuff you’re on Chris coz you're talking fluent choofmonster bro?”, I hear you say. I’m pleased to remit that my new-found spatial clarity was a completely 100% drug free epiphany, but for a Quick-eze I’d dropped the night before. I was however under the most comfortable doona in the world, so if you’re after spatial enlightenment, may I suggest, in accessing a correlation versus causation kind of vibe, get yourself a decent doona, pop a mild antacid chew before going to bed, and let the spatial clarity begin. Oh, and regardless of your skill level, when plastering, best bring in the professionals.

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